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Events, Workshops &​ S​​treet Play


Our team of teachers, coaches and learning mentors have all got a strong back ground in their individual fields of expertise.

We also offer apprenticeships for hard working people wanting to join our team.

Each core team member and outsourced project members are carefully hand-picked to ensure the best is given to the children and adults during the classes and workshops. Our careful selection process ensures that each workshop and class is delivered to a high quality standard.

All team members are DCRB checked (Enhanced).


Customising Workshop

The workshop allows the children from 6 -18 to customise clothes and or make accessories. Attendance is necessary once a week for four weeks. All sessions should be attended to ensure enough time is available for items to be made.

Teaching is provided by a variety of current designers.​

Cartooning/Comic Design Workshop

Beginner, Intermediate and Advance Levels

This class is taught by a comic designer, providing instructions on how to make a comic, cartooning tips and tricks. Give art and design skills, ensuring every child can partipate and feel a part of the growth of the group project.


Giving each child the skill and end product, giving a sense of pride in there group project.


Brazilian Football Team Skills

Ages 2-16


Groups of ages 2- 7 and 8-16 learn Brazilian style football. Lessons teach ball skills and valuable team working skills. Players are constantly placed in demanding decision-making situations, requiring quick thinking, good ball control, precise passing, and creative solutions.


This class is a must for any child interested in high level football.

Ages 2 - 18

Various other workshops included

Creative Skills

Art and design, sculpturing, dancing, instruments, singing, rapping, DJ mixing, film and music studio workshops, poetry, knitting and sewing lessons, clothes design, biz kidz.

Sports Skills

Brazilian soccer skills, dance: ballet and tap, roller skating, tennis, hurdling, martial arts, yoga, swimming.

Life Skills

Lady and Gentlemen Classes, health and hygiene, elocution lessons, table manners, goal setting workshop, my family history workshops, cookery workshops, mentoring programs.

Streetplay instructions

Chinese Jump Rope
HopScotch Remixed
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