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Smart kid was co-founded by Marcia Brock and her then 5 year old daughter in 2006. Having her second daughter in 2009, both daughters are now the co-founders making it a family focused organsation.


Our kids are the forefront for the class needs and in 2010 to highlight the founders dedication to the creative fun organisation they gave a nick name for Smart Kids to SMHeart Kids.  SMHeart stands for 'Super Mums Heart'.


In 2013 was born as a charitable company. Bringing our creative and fun workshops to more children.


The board also consists of highly motivated and passionate members who have high quality skills in their specialist areas.


We are currently looking for additional board and team members, please contact us via our contact page.

Board of Trustees

Our current board members are co-founder Ria, Maxine and Tee. We are very pleased to have them on board, please click on there names to find out more about them. 





Tee Mann



Our team 
'"The core internal team are what we call super"
Project Director: Marcia
Lead Expo Project Manager: Serena

Workshop Project Manger: Tee

Admin: Charlene
Photographer: Ria 
Volunteers: Althea, Laura, Pat, Amber Aziza along with a youth lead focus group annually.
We also work with an external team of teachers, coaches, business teams and learning mentors that all have a strong background in their individual fields of expertise.

We also offer apprenticeships for hard working people wanting to join our team.

Each core team member and out sourced project members are carefully hand-picked to ensure the best is given to the children and adults attending our classes and workshops.  Our careful selection process ensures that each workshop and class is delivered to a high quality standard.

All team members are DCRB checked (Enhanced).


Dr. Diahanne Rhiney BCAe is a global youth empowerment ambassdor, having worked extensively all over the world. Her core focus being, the wellbeing and education of young people.


She sits on various boards and formed APPG (All-Party Parlimentary Group) with there main focus being healthly relationships education taught in all schools as compulsory. As a result of the APPG this is being implemented in all schools as of September 2019.


A Dr. of Pyschology specialising in children and early childhood trauma who has a consistent track record for improving the life chances of young people. She is highly experienced at both a strategic and operational level within the education and youth services.


“The most fun I have had all holiday, but not just fun, thank you Sir you let me know that any thing is possible"

'I didn't think i was a good artist, you have shown me how to be the best I can be'


Max Johnston

Workshops & Fun Days

Fun Days Out

• Go Karting

• Diggerland Trips

• Rock Climbing

• Various other trips out

Cartooning/Comic Design Workshop

This workshop is taught by a comic designer teaching and showing how to make a comic, cartooning tips and tricks.

At the end of the workshops the group produced a comic to be published.

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