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Working in partnership with a professional group of entrepreneurs, businesses, designers and artists, the smart kid's project aims to provide specialist, high quality skills and talent development to local people.

Smart Kid's is aimed at young adults and children. The project works with schools, youth and community teams, and parents, to offer design skills, sports, artistic and creative and talents sharing.


If you are  a parent looking to bring your child's talents to a team who can inspire and motivate their skills development, this is the place.....


Streetplay and ballon modeling instructions

Four Square

How to make a balloon flower

Chinese Jump rose

How to make a balloon turtle

Hop Scotch #remix

#tictoc StreetPlay

Our most popular Classes

App and game making,
Roller Skating, Comic Art,
Clothing Customising, Business and Enterprise
Poetry, Rap, DJing, Singing and Mentoring, see classes page for all that we do........


  • Ages 2 - 5 

  • Ages 6 - 11

  • Ages 12 - 18

  • Adult Classes 19+



Biz Kidz 'Youngpreneur" 

These sessions are for kids, that show an interest in running their own business, becoming authors, or show a flare in creativity.

We put together a small group of like minded 'youngpreneurs' that works with each other, to build each other in business.  We have worked with Metro Bank in and around London.  To book please click here or go to

Roller Skating 'Rolla Dance'

This is voted as one of the most popular workshops with classes run by a professional roller skater teachers. Working with the team, the teachers will give each student tutorials on how to skate and dance on skates. A skating dance show will be held at the end of the blocked sesions showcasing their talents.​


Cartooning/Comic Design workshop 


The class will taught by a comic designers and illustrators, teaching and showing how to make a comic, using cartooning tips and tricks, at the end of the workshop the group will produce a comic to be sold and some made into animation.

Customising Clothes

This is another favourite class, with classes run by clothing designers to ensures that each class works creatively, with students having the freedom to make what suits their own personal style, ranging from customised hats, hoodies, t-shirts and trousers. This is a fun and tangible class for ages 6-18.


Academy Achievers 

The Robotics, gaming and Coding activities, gives children the opportunity to make friends and learn new, innovative skills.  Throughout the programs, our youth leaders act as change agents to help our CYP to explore complex issues that are affecting them. They look at strategies that support and empower them within a safe environment, all this without making them feel isolated or threatened in this current climate.


Stemettes - Hackatons/Apps and STEM

Laptops, Prizes, Presentations and Mentors all thrown together with Wi-Fi and food over 2 days. We'll teach you all you need to know to create your own mobile app, game or website and then you can enter our 'Demo Day - too book see

Fun trips

  • Boat Trips

  • Digger Land Trips

  • Cinema Trips

  • International Trips

  • Music Exchanges

  • Various other trips

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